currently in juice cleanse mode

autumn is my most beloved time of year (september – december) are absolutely glowing and the warm colors of the leaves give comfort and glow to even the whitest, bleakest days.  i’ve done several cleanses in the past, my longest probably roundabout 25 days.  i tend to try and listen to my body rather that set a concrete goal but it would be nice to push past my previous record if it is meant to be.

the particular kind of cleanse i favor is fresh squeezed or pressed juices of a wide variety alongside cleansing assistants (fiber, liquid bentonite, probiotic supplements, exercise, steaming, mental detox through art and journaling).

i’ve come a long way since my first cleanse in 2003 which i believe was the famous master cleanse, something which i no longer find appropriate, at least for me.  i also once attempted a juice cleanse and silly me tried to use juices from concentrate.  i think i even had juice juice in my fridge – what a disaster!  i’ve learned so much since then.  I now realize how simple it is.

a cleansing song:  brass rung by sach and omid

a cleansing project:  organize studio

a cleansing trip:  still can’t find my way into outer space so i plan to check out the jim henson exhibit at the museum of the moving image in queens. that might be the next closest thing.

a cleansing scent: autumn breeze

a cleansing vision:  autumn leaves

a cleansing juice: one of my very favorites, apple, pear, lemon & ginger


~ by cyrah on November 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “currently in juice cleanse mode”

  1. Your blog is so insightful! I’m currently starting my first juice cleanse. I’m optimistic about it. The juicing is simple; the self-determination to complete it is the challenge.

    • thank you sonyanya! it is my pleasure that you stopped by. congratulations on beginning your juice cleanse. i’m so excited for you and wish you the best in the cleanse and knowledge that you do have the power to accomplish this juice cleanse as well as all of your goals!

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