the cleansing bends

i’m approaching the end of my hump (the rocky part of the juice cleanse mountain when you first get started) and let me say it’s not easy.  i also entered my cleanse with a fledgling cold of sorts, something i haven’t had in over a year and so as it’s blossomed it’s come with fury and vengeance to get me. yesterday was particularly challenging and i found solace in adding a few extra hours to a full nights rest. steady sleep it wasn’t but i emerged more rested towards the morning light than i had anticipated.

i’m trying to keep in perspective that colds are also part of our bodies cleansing reportoire; that in retrospect, i always emerge from one feeling cleaner, better, even when it’s not accompanied by juice cleansing. i’ve been avoiding any pain medications like the plague, no tylenol, no nyquil and that’s with a fever and an uncontrollable cough. i’m trying to keep it natural and stick with my juices and lemon water has been somewhat of a relief too.  that’s not to imply any gangsterness on my part whatsoever. certainly a high enough fever needs to be brought down in any human system but mine has been in the low 100s so i’m trying to let it run it’s course a little before intervening and continually monitoring that temperature. as a sidebar i really don’t like electronic thermometers.  i don’t trust them and crave a mercury centrigrade thermometer. The coolness of the metal tip under my tongue reminds me of childhood days being taken care of by my mama.

i had a delightful juice i would never had thought of on my own today.  it was carrot, apple, beet, ginger.  normally i’m not so big into carrot juice or beet juice.  they are grainy and too sweet for me.  but this combination was mixed just right, ruby red and left me feeling so so clean despite all of the yucky-ness traveling on my anatomical/physiological highway.


~ by cyrah on November 14, 2011.

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