trainspaces, sunspaces, light chases

i’m feeling roundabout 50% better than where i was a few days prior. coughs linger in me something terrible. i have a weak respiratory system, tainted by chronic bronchitis in early childhood, deep inhalations of angel air and being tossed around and tossing myself around different climates, dry desert, temperate and humid, subtropical, dust storms but I have stuck it out with no cold medications.

today i’m traveling back home by train and there is pretty autumn scenery where I am.  It reads prettier than anything on my laptop, even on an overcast november day in new england.  i enjoy listening to music while in visible transit, especially on distance trains.  the landscapes and sounds form new relationships.  sounds look different and visions sound lively.  the same old song can sound completely different and I’ve discovered fresh beauty in many songs this way.

autumn is a recurring colorful thought, my eye’s candy store. i once wrote a rap about autumn and it’s joyousness.  glorious and transient.  no one can purchase this kind of beauty.  it’s a gift for everyone to share. i think it’s the earth’s way of giving us a visual hug before the onset of long days with naked trees and ghastly cold.

as I was traveling, i purchased these juices by blue print cleanse to continue cleansing. all three are delicious and it’s helpful to have portable raw juices sometimes.


~ by cyrah on November 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “trainspaces, sunspaces, light chases”

  1. These look amazing! Gold Pineapple, Apple and Mint? Umm, yes!

    The tone of this story is set so beautifully with the words you choose about the beauty of seasons and travel, and everything is described in a very ‘wanderlust’ type of quality. You have a gift!

    Question: would you consider posting this on the IYE website? It’s so appropriate. 🙂

    • thank you adjoa! i’m so happy you’ve visited my blog. i’m following yours too now 😉 certainly you can feel free to share my post on your blog. perhaps you can guest blog or be interviewed on my site too? mind you this piece is just randomness of the brain so if there is something more structured or specific that i can do i’m open to that as well. wanderlust…i always loved that word so maybe i’ve internalized a little bit of it.

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