“easing” on over to the museum of the moving image

figurines from “the wiz” (dir. sidney lumet, 1978)

a delightful day and a delightful visit to the mmi in queens, ny expanded the horizons of my mind and my weekend.  a beautiful space friendly for all ages, ability levels and interests, i was initially drawn to the current jim henson’s fantastic world exhibit.  jim henson was really a part of my and most 80’s children’s experiences.  he’s shaped my sense of humor, my creativity and often makes me nostalgic for purer days when kids could be kids on a different level than nowadays.  no pics were allowed in the j.h. section which was fine by me as i was in complete lalaland looking at original sketches, learning about the jim henson of the 1950s and 60s i knew little about.  some of his original work was in commercials and they had some hysterical archives installed.  it was a real trip down memory lane with a life size rowlf, a miss piggy in her wedding dress from the muppets take manhattan, real gelfling objects from the dark crystal.  it was truly a delight!

another part of the museum that captivated me was when i stumbled into some artifacts from the wiz including miniature characters like tin man, scarecrow and evilene. the wiz is a movie i saw several times throughout my childhood and the cinematography has had an impact on me.  despite some overly critical reviews, i feel it has deeper meaning for me and i was just mesmerized by the memorabilia that i saw.  i intend to collect my thoughts about this film into some kind of writing one day because of how special it is to me.  for now i’m going to keep easing on through my juice and easing on down the road. 🙂


~ by cyrah on November 21, 2011.

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