thankstaking and buying nothing


i’m not a thanksgiving celebrator.  i’ve stopped sending mass emails about the history behind thanksgiving and agreed to disagree with those whom i disagree with.  i appreciate the time off and try to put it to good use and connect with family and friends without labeling it thanksgiving and so it becomes a functional day for me.

black friday is another one that makes me scratch my head. certainly humans are needy creatures and have material wants and desires but i can do without the crowds, lines, moonlighting retail stores (and apparently being pepper sprayed over a discounted xbox at walmart).  while i didn’t wholeheartedly participate in buy (absolutely) nothing day this year, i did forego shopping besides food and school materials for 3 months this past year (april – july) which was quite transformative. i was disturbed by the media depiction of black friday including made up numbers about how many americans are out there shopping (there’s really no way to gauge this) and finding amusement in materialist insanity.

one thing i appreciated was one lucky duck’s posting raw recipes for these days.  i think juicing and fasting are excellent ways to spend thankstaking and buy nothing day (apple beet celery was particularly yummy).  for looking to take a much healthier stance and do some uncooking, check out some great recipes here.


~ by cyrah on November 26, 2011.

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