it’s like butter baby

i’ve learned that there is no current way to polish your nails 100% naturally with the exception of buffing to a high gloss or using plant and mineral dyes from the earth directly on the nail as in the case of henna for example. if you favor polish like me (something i inherited from my mother who doesn’t leave the house without polishing her nails in deep wine hues) but are concerned with the toxicity of commercial nail polishes, 3 free is the way to go. 3 free refers to the absence of formaldehyde (aka embalming fluid!), toluene (paint thinner and a known neurotoxin) and dibutyl phthalate (a plasticizing agent), 3 clearly harmful chemicals.

i don’t favor most nail salons for the expense, sanitation concerns and nauseating fumes. clearly i am in harms way when the nail technicians put on face masks to reduce their exposure to the chemicals used. artifical nails and wraps and other such things make the nail stronger and longer on the surface but really damage the nail bed tremendously and lure users into a cycle of having to visit and revisit the nail salon (which is really the point, isn’t it?).

i chose to forego this and do my own nails at home. i’ve experimented with many kinds of nail polish over the years and my absolute fave brand* of 3 free polish (which is the only kind i use nowadays) is butter london as you can see from the pic above. 🙂  their colors are ultramodern and i’ve received a ton of compliments on my selections.  i feel like their colors go well with a variety of skin tones, races, ethnicities. there is something for everyone and my brown skin is glamoured and enamored with the selection. the polishes are durable and the square design of the bottle is sculpturally beautiful. most of their polishes run about $14 a bottle which is not that much more than some far less natural and more toxic brands, sometimes even less. and guess what?  through november 30th, butter london is having a sale – 30% off by entering CELEBRATE 11 on their website  my personal favorite?  a lovely shimmery taupe color called “all hail the queen.”

*please note that i adhere to providing honest reviews.  i try to keep it positive so if i don’t like something you probably won’t see it on my blog.  if i do like something, know that my shared experience is from the heart and not any sort of paid advertisement.  


~ by cyrah on November 29, 2011.

2 Responses to “it’s like butter baby”

  1. Do you do polish on your hands or your feet? I ask because I for one have hangups about chefs who use nail polish on their hands out of fear that the polish will chip off their fingers and taint the food they are preparing. Or do you know if Butter nail polish is edible (thus the name; though not applicable to vegans).

    • i do both though not all of the time. i never thought about this issue that you bring up until now. i can see how this would be an issue for someone working in food preparation constantly in which case i think it would be wise to go nail polish free. for everyday use and less intensive food prep i guess i treat it like any painted item – assuming that because it’s dry so long as there are no visible chips coming off that it’s not getting into my food. good point and great food for further thought!

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