love for pearl

southern california born, i have a general distaste for overcast days but today a mistiness blanketed the city; something that i feel completely compensates for the clouds.  it’s a kind of environmental romance that brings an ella fitzgerald song to mind.  so i headed over to pearl paint today as i needed 10 ½ gauge crochet needle as i’m planning a hat and scarf set using a pretty chunky wool. and of course pearl is the kind of place i always walk out of with more than I intend to. i ended up with some sticky mini-mirror decals, thick malleable metal wiring, some gold bobby and kilt pins and a couple of sketchpads. i knew pearl was going through a downsizing when i caught a glimpse of the mass liquidation of their south street philly some time back but i hadn’t realized they closed their craft store until today. i’m not too pleased with them stuffing of all of their crafty stuff onto the 4th floor of their apartment style canal street location (reminds me of a walkup I used to live in) but it’s cool. times are tough and regardless, this will still always be my favorite art store.


~ by cyrah on December 6, 2011.

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  1. I appreciate your work , appreciate it for all the informative blog posts.

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