apple pepper juice

a random juice mixture that came from what was in my refrigerator, thinking about what i didn’t want to go to waste. green bell peppers are one of my favorite fruits. i once got called out as a weirdo for eating a bell pepper like an apple.  i said hey, they’re crunchy and green, what difference does it make? if it had been cut into little strips or thrown into a salad it wouldn’t be perceived as odd. i suppose kermie did warn us – it’s not easy being green. so i figure if i can eat a pepper like an apple, i can juice my peppers with apples. and i happened to have some juicer sized granny smiths lying around.  it turned out quite refreshing. there was a brilliant burst of energetic bell pepper scent the second i pushed the green lovely through the juicer and it added a refreshing new dimension to the tart apple juice.


~ by cyrah on December 7, 2011.

4 Responses to “apple pepper juice”

  1. interesting! i never thought to combine the two. i don’t normally buy green bell peppers, but now i’m interested in experiencing the same juice mixture. thanks!

    • thanks jj for checking out my little raw vegan ice cream castle here. i love your blog, artwork and no-soy recipes my vegan sis. lots of love to you. xoxo

  2. I’m guilty of referring to one of my old coworkers as a “weirdo” also for eating a red bell pepper the same way (albeit, it was about a decade ago, way before I got into the raw vegan world). Interesting how even though this one little minute (if that long) which happened so long ago swiftly came right back to me upon reading this. And it makes me wonder if a red apple and red pepper juice might make just as much of a facinating combo.

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