love to perelandra

you don’t have a soul. you are a soul. you have a body.” ~c.s. lewis

there is a healthy sprinkling of health food stores in brooklyn; most neighborhoods in my experience have at least one or two. unfortunately not all of them contain food, but can sometimes use the health food moniker as a front for a vitamin and packaged goods shop with aisles of falafel mix, canned soy-meat products, organic gluten free pasta and supplements galore. what attracts me to a health food store is first and foremost the quality of it’s produce. how do the raw fruits and vegetables taste? this connects back to my previous post about consuming love-filled foods. determining the love quotient of a food is best done on that which is fresh and live as it’s quality reveals much about the heart and soul of it’s grocer.

 flashback to 2004 when i first came to ny. i was working in downtown brooklyn, hub to at least 10 train lines, different energies and neighborhoods cooperating, sometimes colliding, the facades and push of gentrification felt daily. i would cross court street into brooklyn heights to see what vegan fare lay in this wealthy waterfront neighborhood and this is how i stumbled into perelandra. though they have the things that some other health food stores have, supplements, packaged food and so forth, what comes to mind when i think of perelandra is the most beautiful and fresh produce. the crunchiest apples, flavor-full zucchini, juicy grapefruits with full-body flavor and rarities like black radishes. a friendly and delicious juice bar, daily food selections including raw items and a dry goods section make it a raw foodist’s downtown brooklyn dream. i can also credit perelandra’s book department for helping me solidify my perspective on raw foods for it was there that i ran into some transformative literature. i stopped by today to get some produce and it was every bit as full-flavored as my first experience 7 years ago. for this i felt compelled to send love to a brooklyn gem, one which makes me appreciate my borough thoroughly.  check out perelandra in person at 175 remsen street (almost any train will take you there!) or if you’re not nearby, check their fun blog for recipes and other exciting healthful posts.

[pic – inside perelandra’s produce corner, dec 2011]


~ by cyrah on December 11, 2011.

One Response to “love to perelandra”

  1. Wise words …love that and will definitely check them out. Thank you 🙂

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