happy 2012!: goal setting

we are taught that the body is an ignorant animal intelligence dwells only in the head. but the body is smart. it does not discern between external stimuli and stimuli from the imagination. it reacts equally viscerally to events from the imagination as it does to real events.” ~glora anzaldúa

i’m happy to start off the new year and it’s really good to be here. i’m not one for resolutions so to speak so these are some goals i’ve got in the lineup for this year, some things to focus my energy on. dietary lifestyle-wise i’ve been wanting to do a low glycemic (aka candida cleanse – raw style) for some time now. my raw ways of days past have included anything goes so long as its raw, inadvertent fruitarianism and juicing. i first learned about low glycemic raw eating through the book rainbow green live-food cuisine and this is another area of the raw spectrum i am interested in experimenting with to see if it works for me. everything else is anchored more or less around this one. i’m scheduled to start in a couple of days (saturday to be exact – gotta stock up on some raw items in preparation and i have a juicy pineapple waiting for me in the kitchen!)


1. kicking off with a low glycemic cleanse (90+3 days) for 3 months

2. no heat on my tresses except sunshine

3. read books for quality rather than quantity and do some rereading: a few titles i want to tackle/retackle this year

  • newbies: eduardo galeano’s memory of fire trilogy, staying alive: women, ecology and development by vandana shiva, more paul farmer books to stay inspired
  • rereadings: city of quartz by mike davis, conscious eating by dr gabriel cousens, dr. arnold ehret’s writings
  • en espanol: la historia me absolverá por fidel castro, el laberinto de la soledad por octavio paz

4. make more things including paint, collage, sketch, draw, sew, photograph/film, (i’m due for a new camera this year), make my home more beautiful, formulate in 2 and 3 dimensions constantly, maybe even excessively.

5. strengthen up through regular strength training in addition to cardio

i love the quote at the top by sister gloria (rip) for the way in which it speaks to holistic health principles and the importance of viewing ourselves as integrated beings on all levels. to all i wish good things, learning experiences, growth and connection with your true and highest self this coming year and always peace/love/health/radiance.



[photo: me in my tiger stripes peering at the future]


~ by cyrah on January 6, 2012.

6 Responses to “happy 2012!: goal setting”

  1. That list of goals doesn’t seem too difficult to get accomplished so just pace yourself and I’m sure you will get them all done. What would you say is the difference between a new’s resolution and a new year’s goal though?
    Good luck with the cleansing (as well as the other goals).

    • peace dp and thank you for your comment and for your encouragement. i wish you had a blog so i could read it (or do you?). resolutions to me have the connotation of symbolic declarations and then the strong likelihood of failure. they are more verbal or mental whereas goals to me are longer term, ongoing actions undertaken regardless of the time of year. most of my “goals” i began working on or at least researching months prior to the commencement of 2012.

      • Given what I have observed over the years, I would have to agree with you about goals vs. resolutions. And in fact, because of what I’ve observed, I stopped making resolutions a looooong time ago but I do occassionally still make goals for myself.
        As for the blog, I’ve been thinking about making one that would be more like a journaling of my potlucks with photos but I don’t want it to be added to the list of projects I decide to undertake then never quite finish due to lack of __________. In the meantime though you know I still have the blog on SVF. I average doing about 1 post per month I think but last month I did 3.

  2. our focus for the year is similar in many ways. i have reduced my consumption of sweet fruits in order to desire more greens and veggies. it’s working so far.

    i don’t use heat on my hair. i left my hair dryer in my last living space, but i used it mainly for drying paintings. lol. air drying has helped in reducing any type of breakage that i would normally incur if i were to use heat on a regular basis.

    yes to #4. i’ve just created a new mixed media piece for a trade that brought me so much satisfaction after seeing it. creativity can be quite satisfying. it softens the edges of life (for me).

    i’ve been saying i need to get back to my workout routine for the past 5 months now. lol. but seriously, i really need to. what i loved about working out on a regular basis was how i felt after wards. plus, after awhile i could see the results, which was a plus.

    thanks for sharing.

    • i’m loving our intersections here sis janine! that’s excellent to learn that you’ve had positive results with no hair heat. it hasn’t been long enough for me to see any changes just yet but i was wreaking some serious damage on my hair until i read curly like me by teri laflesh. that book changed my life and i’ve gotten into a healthier relationship with my wild hair ever since. i saw your beautiful mixed media piece and it’s AMAZING. the facial construction and textiles are so striking. as a sewer and sometimes painter i was drawn in immediately.

      • yes. thankful that you found that book. your hair will thank you 🙂 thank you for the words on the mixed media piece. they are appreciated.

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