for the love of cilantro

i grew up knowing it’s wrong to have more than you need. it means you’re not taking care of your people.”  ~navajo proverb

i inhale it and breathe it and hope my lungs are saturated in the beloved green of heavenly cilantro (coriandrum sativum). i buy cilantro every week that i find it in stock. no matter if i use only a smidgen or none at all. just holding it’s dainty leafstems, taking in its clean fragrance, using it as a refrigerator ornament, some frigid verdigris bouquet to be viewed at each opening. mostly it reminds me of my love, my grandma (rip) whose salsa i try to emulate with little success to this day. she is the basis of a lot of my non-raw food prep in pre-vegan days. it was she who taught me to scramble an egg, to stir fry zucchini and other veggies. while these limited learnings are not so meaningful in the context of my current dietary lifestyle, i am influenced by her general food practices. depression-era born she was never wasteful. in hard times she could make a meal out of what seemed like nothing. i remember watching her make salsa, dicing tomatoes, onions, cilantro and specially selected extra hot chili peppers that made the outcome deliciously uncomfortable to the tongue.

as my low glycemic experiment segues into it’s second week, cilantro in hand i attempted a salsa and sadly fell short on emulating the tastes that come from her hands and her heart. i’m currently assessing what maybe be the problem. the right kind of pepper is one issue (jalapeños just don’t cut it) and using lemons instead of limes is another. alas try try again is all i can do as well as consult one of my aunts who has a much better handle on my grandma’s kitchen dealings than i. at the very least it was edible and picturesque atop my burlap tablecloth.


~ by cyrah on January 15, 2012.

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