tangential walking and reflections

“new york – that unnatural city where everyone is an exile…” ~charlotte perkins gilman

a spontaneous walk led me to the upper west side, a neighborhood i seldom traverse. it’s got that busy old new york feel to it which is epitomized by it’s one of a kind 72nd street train station. the air was crisp more like mid-spring than pending winter and the sunlight shone onto the concrete from whatever angle it could. i envisioned the time when this song came out. i had love for electronic music back then. it complimented the alien feelings i was having and made spaciness and disjuncture from my humanoid state a rhythmic experience, something to headbop to rather than mope about.  oh the turbulence of adolescence and how calm it all seems in retrospect!

these spontaenous walks come about sometimes when i have distant errands to run and don’t feel like being crammed into an uptown train, particularly on the east side where the people are limited in train options – sardined into a few fleeting green lines.  i’m not usually one for cabs so i walk, traipsing along winding concrete paths in the labyrinth of central park. these unplanned meanderings are my thinking spaces, impromptu journal-less journaling, the etching of my footprint upon contested lands. dwellers of  populous cities knows that no matter how many people are around, sometimes you can feel profoundly alone. on these walks i embrace this feeling, not one of discomfort. my only child days have trained me well in the art of solitude; how meditative and dazzling it can be, that neverboredom that i believe only children know best. nowadays these times are scarce or perhaps more balanced and intonated.


~ by cyrah on February 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “tangential walking and reflections”

  1. That is an amazing picture of NYC.
    Even though it is a new picture it really captures the essence of ‘Old NYC’.
    I too am a foot solider, those moments I spent walking alone in NYC are some of the most meaningful, fulfilling moments of my life.
    To be ‘alone’ in all that madness is a truly amazing feeling to behold.

    • i’m happy to know you take pleasure in these sorts of meanderings too. it’s just lovely to see how nature changes in subtle ways every single day! xoxo

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